Caesarean Section


Caesarean section or what is popularly known as C-section is a surgical method of removal of the baby. This is a method of delivery wherein a vaginal delivery would pose a risk either to the mother or the baby. It may be generally due to twins, Breech presentation (when baby is leg down instead of head), when mother’s pelvis is too short, high blood pressure in mother, failure of labor to progress in the second pregnancy post caesarean section.
It may be either planned or may be done as an emergency procedure.
Planned Caesarean section: Low lying placenta, breech presentation, twins, IVF babies. This procedure is well planned after the lung maturity of the baby is confirmed.

Emergency Caesarean section: It is generally done when the labor is not progressing, vaginal bleeding during labor, variation in baby’s heartbeat.
The risks associated with caesarean section are bleeding, blood clots, infections, injuries to baby, surgical injuries to organs, longer recovery time. Though lots of myths surround the caesarean delivery, the eventual motto of obstetrics is healthy mother and healthy child.