It is a specialized branch of gynecology which deals with women suffering from the pelvic floor disorders. Most of the urogynaecology issues are experienced by the women in the menopausal and peri menopausal age, however it is not uncommon to see these disorders in the younger women. The disorders which are dealt with here are urinary incontinence or leakages, pelvic organ prolapses and overactive bladders.

  • 1) Pelvic organ prolapses are when the pelvic organs of the women that is the uterus, bladder rectum have dropped down from their original positions and the women generally complain of something coming out through their vagina. There are various treatment modalities which are available depending on the women’s age group from hysterectomy that is removal of the uterus through the vagina or sling surgeries that is pulling the uterus up and anchoring it to its surrounding structures.
  • 2) Many a times damage to the pelvic floor and damage to the nerve supply to the adjacent areas can cause leaking of urine on straining. Though most of the women are embarrassed talking about this situation it is important to make them aware of it as it decreases their quality of life. There are various treatment modalities available right from lifestyle changes to certain minimally invasive surgeries like bladder slings and insertion of no tapes and meshes for the bladder neck supports.