Icsi (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)


The process of ICSI is very much similar to IVF process and in this process instead of keeping the eggs with the sperms in the culture medium, each matured egg is injected with a single sperm with a device called as micromanipulator under an inverted microscope. This is generally useful in patients with male factor infertility and fertilization failures. The fertilization and implantation rates post ICSI are way better than IVF. Most of the IVF centers have now adopted ICSI for all policy.

The process of ICSI involves

  • 1) Ovarian Stimulation
  • 2) Oocyte retrieval
  • 3) ICSI – wherein a single spermatozoon is injected in a mature egg and placed in the incubator.
  • 4) Embryo transfer