Donor Treatments

The IVF process in India provides a comprehensive and a supportive donor program to assist anyone needing donor sperm, eggs or embryos; or a surrogate to help them have a baby. We have a dedicated donor team and agencies that provides guidance and support to you throughout the process.
The donor programmes make use of donor sperms, donor eggs or donor embryos. All the donors are screened for major health conditions, infections including sexually transmitted infections like HIV, Hepatitis B and C and syphilis. Along that they are also screened for thalassemia’s and genetic makeup that is karyotype. The donors are selected as per patient’s profiles matching the blood groups, phenotypes and complexion.
The donor sperms are used for IUI and ICSI, whereas the donor eggs are used for IVF ICSI where the female has poor ovarian reserve and other genetically significant conditions preventing to use her eggs.