lUI With Husband Semen


It is one of the first line treatments offered to an infertile couple with open fallopian tubes and males with no or mild semen abnormalities, wherein the females are given ovulation induction tablets which may mostly be for 5 days starting from their second or third day of their cycle. The female partner is followed up with her ultrasounds to track the follicle size and ovulation is triggered when the follicle attains a suitable size. The process of IUI is carried out approximately 36 hours post the trigger injection for follicular rupture, wherein the husband semen sample is run through a battery of laboratory processes and the best quality fast moving sperms are selected. This processed sample is then placed inside the women’s womb at that time of ovulation resulting in a success rates of around 18% to 20%. There is no bed rest required post this treatment and the women can go on to doing their routine activities from the same day itself. The pregnancy test is generally done 2 weeks post the IUI.