Management Of Pregnancy Related Disorders


Pregnancy related problems may be the problems faced by the mother or the problems faced by the growing baby. These problems may be

  • Preexisting problems before pregnancy- It is important to brief your gynecologist about any of your preexisting diseases as he may change the way of managing it or may need to change the medications or the doses of the ongoing medications for the safety of your baby. The various disorders which may require a specialized care during pregnancy are Asthma, Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Hypertension, Migraine, Obesity, Sexually transmitted infections, Thyroid and other endocrine related disorders.
  • Pregnancy related disorders- Certain infections flare up in pregnancy like bacterial and fungal infections of the vagina causing recurrent white discharges, urinary tract infections, Pregnancy related hypertension also called Preeclampsia, Pregnancy related diabetes also known as Gestational diabetes, Pregnancy related liver disorders like cholestasis of pregnancy, pregnancy related skin rashes, Anemia due to iron deficiency and blood loss etc.
  • When to inform your doctor If you have bleeding or spotting, passage of fluid through vagina, severe headaches, Pain in abdomen, nausea and vomiting, fever with chills, burning in urination, blurry visions and feeling of your baby not moving.

The different problems encountered during pregnancy depends on the months of your pregnancy.

  • First trimester (first three months) fatigue, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, constipation, frequent urination, headaches, heart burns, miscarriages, genetic defects.
  • Second trimester (3 months to 6 months) backaches, pain in abdomen, hyperpigmentation, preterm uterine contractions, preterm leaking of fluid through vagina, urinary infections etc.
  • Third trimester (last three months) preterm labor, growth retardation in babies, preterm leaking of fluid, early labor, delayed labor etc.