Why Are We Different


As Charles Schwab, the owner of one of the biggest investment firm company quoted “The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what an average man is.” We struggle daily to be different from others. We try to bring differences in the approach to patients, the overall process of the treatment, to offer proper health care services and last but not the least to follow-up because a diligent follow-up and follow through generally sets us apart from the rest and communicate excellence. We try giving our patients what is of utmost important to them and the reason that they come to us and that is time. Time is something our patients require and we make sure that our patients get one to one attention and adequate time at each consultation so that all their queries are sorted out during the consultations itself and the patients are aware about their condition and the treatment modality planned for them.

Dr. Parzan has always been a dedicated professional and our services are available to our patients at any hour of the day and also emergency services are taken care of. Also, we give quality care at reasonable prices which sets us apart from the rest.